Hi love, welcome to The Rosewater Temple

I'm Saige​ - your guide. I'm a modern mystic + spiritual business guide. I work with visionaries, entrepreneurs, and magical creatives all around the globe on their journeys of higher-Self actualization and sacred vision embodiment.

Things are wild on Planet Earth and many mystics + creatives are being called to step into leadership like never before.

The old systems are crumbling - we can feel in our hearts there's a new way to exist and it's up to us whether or not we answer the call to co-create a more enlightened collective tapestry.

I support conscious entrepreneurs in gaining clarity for their unique mission, and transcending any limitations withholding them from actualizing their magnificent visions for the planet.

S l o w  d o w n ,  d r o p  i n t o  t h e  h e a r t  s p a c e , 

a n d  a n c h o r  i n  t o  y o u r  h i g h e s t  t i m e l i n e  w i t h  a

f r e e  h y p n o s i s  a u d i o

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"Saige is a spirit guide in human form, 

a conduit for divine guidance"

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Join me on the full moon as we dive into the etherial realms, explore the mysteries of the unseen and stir a reawakening your own cosmic power. 

About Saige

Saige is an intuitive guide and certified hypnosis practitioner, on a mission to empower artists and visionaries of the golden age to embody their unique coding and thrive in purpose and prosperity.

She's worked with hundreds of amazing humans all around the globe and has had the deep honor of witnessing transformation after transformation at the snap of a finger. 

Her work is both other worldly mystical and down-to-earth accessible, she brings to life the belief that each individual holds their own unique map and key to Self-fulfillment - and that by deprogramming from limiting beliefs - we return to the true essence of our infinite nature.