The Deep Dive


The Deep Dive session is designed for spiritual entrepreneurs and magical conscious creators who are looking to cross a threshold and embody their higher spirit callings. 

Through hypnosis, breathwork and quantum energy healing - we access the deep subconscious limiting narratives to reprogram and create a new energetic blueprint that's aligned with your highest truth.

One session provides clarity, insight and much forward momentum for your unique Spirit calling. 

 In addition to the threshold crossing these sessions provide, they offer an opportunity for us to connect and see how our energies work together and how Saige may be able to support your future visions.



Ancestral Healing

Quantum Alignment

Prosperity Mindset 



"I cried on and off yesterday, tears drenched in gratitude and beauty. My dreams last night were more vivid than ever, feeling like I found a key yesterday that unlocks all the magical doors...this is what my entire being needed. I feel as if I fully stepped into my multidimensional "body." Thank you again. Your work is absolutely life changing and uplifting."

- Marlee, Entrepreneur